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Casinos Showing Canadian Pride with Tributes to National Symbols

Casinos Paying Tribute to Canadian National Symbols

With the growing popularity of the online gambling industry in Canada, many of the best online casinos have focused on Canadian customers. And to strike a chord with players in Canada, some online casinos pay tribute to their national symbols as a token of appreciation towards Canadian customers for playing on their site.

It’s a warm gesture from casino sites, and it shows that they acknowledge the contribution of all their customers in Canada towards the success and growth of their platform. And for the players, it feels nice to see such a gesture from the casino sites and make them feel accepted and appreciated.

So, let’s look at some of the popular online casinos that have gone the extra mile to welcome Canadian players and have respected the Canadian pride with tributes to their national symbols.

Maple Leaf – The National Symbol of Canada

The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada, and they have even honored it by representing the symbol at the center of their national flag. The history of the maple leaf in Canada goes back to the 1700s, as people with French ancestry settled down in Canada during the 17th century and started using the maple leaf as their emblem. Many years down the road, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste society also proposed to use the maple leaf as the primary emblem for their community in 1834.

By 1921, the maple leaf became a part of the Canadian coat of arms. It was finally in 1965 that the already famous and widely accepted maple leaf emblem was added to the Canadian flag, which we continue to see to this date. We can see the maple leaf as a primary symbol in many Canadian companies and the logo of many of their sports teams.

Maple Casino – Honouring the Maple Leaf

One of the early casinos to pay tribute to Canadian symbols was Maple Casino, which launched in 2004. It’s evident from their name itself that the maple leaf was an essential part of their platform’s theme and design, and you could see the symbol as their primary logo on both their desktop site and mobile app. And the use of maple leaf was not just for visual purposes, as they also offered a fantastic experience for Canadian players.

With an exciting welcome bonus and lots of fun games, most of which were from the popular gaming provider Microgaming, Maple Casino managed to attract many Canadian players who really enjoyed playing on their site. However, even though the casino enjoyed major success in the Canadian market, they eventually decided to close down their platform in 2017 and moved all their loyal customers to another online casino owned by the same operator. For a similarly loved Canadian casino, try out Jackpot City’s free 80 spins for $1 bonus,

Beavers – The National Animal of Canada

Before Canada, as we know it even existed, migrants and explorers from Europe settled down in what would later become the country of Canada. However, the region was neither abundant in gold nor spices, so it was difficult to find valuable resources that could serve as a means to boost the economy.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, people noticed the large population of beavers in Canada and realized that the fur from beavers would be a perfect resource for the production of fur hats.

Now fur hats were in high demand back then as those were trending in fashion. So trading beaver pelts as a raw material for fur hats became the primary source of revenue for Canada, which highly boosted their economy and made it possible for the country’s development. So it’s safe to say that beavers played a crucial role in Canada’s prosperity and its transformation into an economically stable nation. As a tribute to the contribution of beavers in the establishment of Canada, it was officially declared as a national symbol in 1975.

Cadabrus Casino and Their Love for Cute Animals

Cadabrus Casino shares a similar love for cute animals as Canadians love beavers. The official symbol and mascot of Cadabrus Casino is a white rabbit, which also shares many similarities with beavers. Their affinity for cute animals resonates well with the Canadian players, so they often attract lots of customers from Canada. New customers who register at Cadabrus Casino will be pleased to see that they have three welcome bonuses to choose from.

The first welcome bonus is a 10% cashback up to 300 CAD for the first deposit. If you choose this bonus offer, you must make a minimum first deposit of 75 CAD. And when you lose your entire first deposit amount by wagering on different games, you will receive a cashback equal to 10% of the deposit amount. However, no cash back is granted if you don’t lose the first deposit amount in its entirety. Also, the cashback is not subjected to any wagering requirements.

The second welcome bonus is a 200% first deposit match bonus up to 300 CAD. You must make a minimum first deposit of 15 CAD to qualify for this bonus. This offer is subjected to a wagering requirement of 35x the deposit plus bonus amount. Lastly, the third welcome bonus is a 100% first deposit match bonus of up to 750 CAD along with 100 free spins. This offer requires a minimum deposit of 30 CAD, and the bonus funds are subjected to wagering requirements of 35x deposit plus bonus amount. In contrast, the winnings earned from free spins are subjected to a 40x wagering requirement.

With more welcome bonuses to choose from, a cute bunny mascot to entertain you, and lots of games to enjoy, Cadabrus Casino is a great platform for Canadian players.

Red and White – The National Color of Canadian Pride

Red and white are the national colors of Canada, and we see these colors on their national flag as well. The history of these colors associates with England and France, as both countries used a combination of red and white flags to mark and identify their crusaders during the 11th century. As explorers from both these European nations came and settled in Canada, it was through them that the red and white colors also made their way into Canada. It was finally, in 1961 that these two colors were officially declared as the national colors of Canada.

Royal Rabbit Casino – Honouring the Red and White Colors

When we’re speaking of the significance of red and white colors, we have to mention Royal Rabbit Casino. So you must have already guessed that red and white are both important color themes of their site, which features an impressive design and interface. In addition, there are more than 1500 games available to play at Royal Rabbit casino which is a lot for all Canadian players.

There’s also an excellent welcome bonus waiting for Canadian customers at Royal Rabbit Casino. The welcome package offers a 100% match bonus up to 220 CAD, and you need to make a minimum first deposit of 10 CAD to qualify for this bonus. The offer is subjected to a wagering requirement of 35x the first deposit plus bonus amount. The bonus will be added to your account as soon as the first deposit is processed.

Apart from the welcome bonus, Royal Rabbit Casino also has an excellent loyalty program. The more you play on their platform, the higher you can climb on their VIP ranks, which makes you eligible for amazing rewards, exclusive bonuses, and lots of other benefits.


As you can see, the casinos we have mentioned here are perfect for Canadian customers. The inclusion of different national symbols of Canada on their site as well as the favourable atmosphere they have created for fast payout casino players in Canada, is quite commendable. So if you want to enjoy a casino experience that reciprocates Canadian pride, feel free to check out these casinos and register on their platform.