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The gaming software that an online casino uses is one of the most important components of the player experience. Software is what powers every game the casino hosts on its website. Placing bets, winning money, and having fun is all down to the software that the game you’re playing uses. It is important that the software a casino uses works perfectly and has no flaws. Only by ensuring that the software is of the highest quality can a casino ensure that its players will have the best experiences. We’ll cover some of the major providers, the reasons why software should be a top priority, and then answer some common questions.

Casino Software Providers

There are dozens of providers available on the market. They are called providers because they develop casino games and then offer them to casinos. An online casino will choose which games from which providers it wants to host on its website. Some casinos have only a few hundred games, whereas others have thousands. Some only use several providers, where others use most of them. Each provider differs in the type of game it specialises in and how well-known it is. Some of the largest ones are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft and Evolution Gaming.


Microgaming was established 26 years ago and has since become one of the major software providers on the market. They state that they were the first to create casino software in the whole world, but this has not been proven. They have won awards in the industry and have created millionaires through video slots such as Mega Moolah. Currently, they offer more than 1500 games on their platform including Game of Thrones and Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs. Their jackpot games, which include Mega Moolah, have paid out more than $1 billion so far.


NetEnt is another global player in online casino software providers. They are even listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in Stockholm. They’ve existed for 20 years, and they make their software unique by being flexible with the solutions they provide for online casinos. Across 2019, almost 60 billion transactions from players in games were processed through their servers, and more than 200 casinos currently use NetEnt, including some of the largest casinos. As for their games, they have 200, including popular slots such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.


Playtech was created in 1999 and provide games across many genres, including bingo, sports betting, poker, and scratch card games. Like NetEnt, they are also traded on a stock exchange as part of the British FTSE 250. It is defined objectively as the world’s largest software provider. They seek to transform the marketplace by developing better technology and software solutions for online casinos. They currently feature over 600 games on their platform and each game is multi-channel, meaning it can be enjoyed across most online devices.


Betsoft is a newer software provider, having only been founded in 2006. They offer a diverse range of software solutions for online casinos, with an emphasis on 3D and mobile gaming. These are areas they have specialised in for over a decade, and they have a global team dedicated to these efforts. Betsoft has also been the recipients of numerous awards. They have provided games for many of the established online casinos, and some of their games include Quest to the West, Take the Bank and Bamboo Rush.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a worldwide company that specialises in live casino games. They’re also traded on the stock market in Sweden, their base of operations. Many online casinos use Evolution Gaming to stock the entirety of their live casino library. It is an area of the market that Evolution Gaming has cornered. One of their unique developments in the lottery game Mega Ball, a frequently featured game on the most online casino website. They allow casinos to choose from a range of live broadcasts beamed from their studios in Malta and Latvia.

Why is Software so important?

The casino software is at the heart of every online casino. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to play any games, and that would mean casinos would not even exist online. But there are also many other factors which make casino software extremely important for players. These are the gameplay, fair play systems, visuals, jackpot mechanics, live dealers, mobile experiences and virtual reality offerings. We will explore each one in the sections below.

Gameplay and Ease of Use

Casino software providers can build the online casino itself, as well as providing the games. This means the ability to navigate through the casino will depend on how well the provider has engineered the website. But even more crucially than this, every single game on a casino will need to work well, take bets, payout winnings, and give the player an enjoyable experience whilst playing. This is the responsibility of the software provider.

Fair play

It is emphasised by most reputable online casinos that their games are fair and not biased inappropriately. This provides players with the reassurance that they are not going to be disadvantaged by any of the games a particular casino offers. This is something that every online casino relies on its providers to do. It is done through independent verification and random number generation.

Graphics and Features

The first thing a player will see is the visuals of the game they are about to play. The second element they will notice is the features within the game. This means that the games a casino offers have to look attractive whilst also being filled with entertaining and useful elements. These considerations are often taken into account when a casino is choosing its branding and the audience it would like to appeal to. All of this depends on the software provider.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that gradually increase over time. They are typically tied into a specific game, like Mega Moolah, and they can run into millions of dollars before they are won. The stages players must go through to have a chance at winning, as well as the mathematical calculations that increase the amount of the jackpot over time, must be tested carefully and thoroughly. If a progressive jackpot did not deliver properly, this could badly damage the reputation of a casino.

Live dealer casinos

Live dealer games are a skilled operation. As they are broadcast in real-time and involve real people, a lot of organisation and planning goes into making a successful operation. The dealers must be presentable and trained to interact with players who are taking part in the game. The filming, streaming, and scheduling must all be perfect, as players will be expecting exactly that.

Mobile casinos

Many online casino owners are not web developers. This means they have to hire software providers to design and implement the specialist services which they require. This is especially true when it comes to making an online casino suitable for use on mobiles. A website cannot simply be copied and pasted from a computer to a smartphone. It has to look good and function properly across all the devices it will be used on.

Virtual Reality Casinos

A new trend emerging in the online casino world is the development of virtual reality casinos. VR casinos involve the use of commercially available VR headsets so that players can feel as if they are in a real casino. It is the live dealer experience taken to the next level. Because of the advanced technology, funding, and testing that virtual reality solutions require, it depends on a casino software provider to make it come to fruition.

Software Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions that players ask about software providers:

❓ What do software providers do?

They enable casinos to offer games that function well and look good for players. This is one of the main elements of every online casino.

👍 Which is the best software provider?

This depends on the type of games you want to play. Evolution Gaming is probably the best for live casino games, but for other games, it will vary.

🎖️ Can I trust software providers?

Yes, each one will have a dedicated website where their information and credentials will be listed. The larger ones are trusted worldwide by dozens of casinos.

🎲 Where can I play their games?

Most online casinos allow you to search their games library according to the game providers they use. This will allow you to find casinos that offer games from particular providers.

⌛ Are their games worth my time and money?

Yes, each game will have been rigorously tested to ensure that it works well and behaves fairly. Jackpot games give you the best chance of winning big sums of money.

🙋‍♀️ How can I compare software providers?

This is something you can do by visiting the websites of each one and seeing what features they offer. You can also search for reviews online.