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Online Roulette in Canada

We’ve got the latest, top-rated Roulette Casinos in January 2017. Roulette is one of the most exciting and quintessential classic casino games. There are a plethora of roulette betting systems like the Martingale or the D’Alembert designed to lower the house edge. Some of these strategies are very effective but with Roulette, the odds are still in the house’s corner. There have been various mathematical models applied to the various strategies that people use playing roulette over the years showing that certain roulette strategies are more effective but that there is always a slight house edge.

Basic Roulette Rules

Roulette is actually one of the oldest casino games, it’s first iteration was mentioned in history books in the 17th century. Most roulette wheels have thirty-seven (or thirty-eight in American roulette) equal partitions and a gaming table with matching numbers. Players can bet on one number or a combination of numbers. Betting stops ten seconds or so before the croupier spins the ball. The betting on Roulette can be high stakes but brick and mortar casinos will usually set a betting limit. The bet limit was also introduced to combat a roulette arbitrage opportunity where players could continuously double their bet on black (or red) into infinity affording them the ability to beat the house with no risk as long as they had a large enough budget.

Why is Online Roulette popular?

Many gamblers claim to have developed a perfect strategy for beating the wheel but we say that the best strategy for winning at roulette, is playing responsibly and keeping tabs on your bankroll. Same with online Roulette. To be assured that an online casino game of roulette is fair, only choose online casinos that are regulated by international regulatory bodies like eCogra.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette is an awesome way to play online roulette, you get the excitement of waiting for a real wheel to spin against other real players. It really captures the magic of a real casino playing experience. Live roulette games feature on-screen action, via a live webstream and a real life dealer dealing from a real casino spinning a real wheel. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s just like being at an authentic casino. You can interact with the roulette dealer in real time. Just type your comments into a chat-box and the dealer will carry out your instructions. See your

Popular Roulette Strategies

#1 Memory Game This strategy hedges your bets by betting on every number on the table, except for the last three winning numbers. This strategy isn’t particularly scientific it works on the premise that winning numbers don’t repeat. #2 Red Bet The Red Bet strategy is based on the idea that roulette players seem to bet on red numbers. The strategy advises you to double up on red while constantly betting on black. You bet on a red number for your first spin. After that, you bet on black and continue to double on red. The method lets spread your bets while keeping constant odds. #3 Fibonacci Sequence This strategy is quite a mathematical one and you need to be good with numbers. In mathematical statistics, the Fibonacci is a sequence of infinite numbers stating that every number in the sequence is the total of the previous two numbers. Here’s an example of a Fibonacci sequence, it’s 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…Using this system in roulette means you’re betting on equal chances. If you lose you have to add the two previous numbers and bet on the result of these numbers. If you win, you place a bet on the number before last. To put it simply, take two steps back each time you win and one step forward each time you lose. #4 Pivot With the Pivot strategy you have to remember all the winning numbers so it can be a little complicated. The Law of the Third is a roulette system based on the mathematical fact that, after a certain number of spins, certain numbers will not have appeared. This means that in 37 roulette spins about a third of the numbers will not appear, because some numbers will appear twice or more. Which also means that some numbers will appear more than once. If a number wins twice, it becomes your “pivot” number. So, for the next 36 spins, you wager on that number. The idea is that the ball will land on that number again. #5 One Hit Miracle The One Hit Miracle concept is based on the idea that the ball will eventually land on a particular number. You have to bet on the same number repeatedly. This strategy is very simple, if it’s the one you choose, only bet small amounts of money. #6 Safe bets Betting safe doesn’t win you massive jackpots but the chances of winning are higher as you’re betting on a broader spectrum. Betting simply, perhaps on a particular colour or betting on odds or evens. You can also bet on low (between 19 and 36) or high numbers (between 1 and 18), which keeps you playing at 50/50 odds.

Manage Your Bankroll

Roulette doesn’t require the same skill or knowledge as something like chess. It’s a game of chance and the outcome is determined by luck. But all the above strategies were developed with the aim of tilting the balance in your favour. In addition to strategy there are other things to consider. Bankroll management is something you need to take into account, it can make the difference between reckless or responsible gamblers. The main aspect of responsible gaming is fixing your bankroll for each session. Betting low amounts of money means you don’t lose too much money. Although strategies exist which give you a close to 50-50 chances of success, so don’t rely too heavily on them. A common mistake players make is doubling their bet after a loss to try recoup your winnings. This strategy no longer works with bet limits being applied to roulette tables. Unfortunately, the best betting strategies don’t guarantee success. In the end, it all comes down to gambling responsibly.

The Gamblers Fallacy

The Gamblers Fallacy is also know as the “fallacy of the maturity of chances”. It is the believe that if something happens more often than it should during one period, that it will happen less often in the following period. This belief is frequently observed when watching people play at a roulette table. You will see players bet on black because the previous three spins of the wheel have resulted in red. The truth is that on any single spin (which is what you are betting on) the odds of red or black are exactly the same, regardless of what has happened previously. It can be difficult for us to process this as the odds of 4 black landing in a row are far lower than, red landing at some point during a sequence of 4 spins of the wheel. The truth when we place a bet is that that we are not betting on 4 spins of the wheel or on a combination of behaviour but on a single spin which is independent of all previous spins.

Online Roulette and Wagering Requirements

Roulette is one of the few casino games that is excluded from players play-through requirements. This is because when perfect strategy Roulette is played, the ability for players to reach wagering requirements without taking real risks is too high. Online casinos will not take any wagering on Roulette (or Blackjack) into account when calculating your wagering for meeting wagering requirements. This is always stated in the terms and conditions at good online casinos in Canada.