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Welcome Bonuses

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The Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus for you

Canadian Casino Welcome Bonuses

Online casino welcome bonuses in Canada are bonuses that casinos use to attract new customers to a casino. The large number of online casinos in Canada has created a favourable situation for casino players in the region, with casinos offering massive welcome bonuses with favourable terms to Canadians. Canadian Casino Expert will help you choose the best welcome bonus offers around. We provide comprehensive reviews of the various types of welcome bonuses, the size of the bonus offer and how many times you are expected to wager your bonus before being able to withdraw your winnings. We value the various free spins components of your bonus and identify which casino offer the best value for low, medium and high depositing customers. We also recommend the best deposit amounts for players looking to gain maximum advantage of the carious online casino bonuses for new customers in Canada.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus, in simple terms, is an introductory bonus offered by online casinos that incentivise new customers to try out their casino. Welcome bonus can also be referred to as:
  • New Player Promotions
  • Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Sign-Up offers
  • New Casino Bonuses
  • Welcome Packages
  • Introductory offers
A welcome bonus can come in many different forms but the most common one you will see around is a match bonus (deposit match) which is where the casino will match the deposit a player makes at their casino. This match can be anywhere from a 25% match up to a 150% match depending on the welcome bonus. Lucky Nugget offer a 150% deposit match on your fist deposit for Canadians. This means that if you deposit $50 with your first deposit they will credit your account with an additional $75 allowing you to play with $125 for a deposit of only $50. Lucky Nugget has a $10 minimum deposit bonus threshold that must be reached to qualify for their welcome bonus. You’re only able to claim a welcome bonus once. If you have previously signed up to a specific online casino in Canada, you will not be eligible to claim their welcome bonus again. There are many online casinos to choose from in Canada, so this should not be a problem. We also advise players, that if they enjoy playing at a specific online casino, that they continue to use a single account their as this will increase their loyalty promotions.A casino welcome bonus is money that you’re given over and above what you’ve deposited along with any free spins or cash-back bonus. You can use this bonus money to bet on any of the casino games. This allows Canadian players to get more value for their money and gives them a greater chance at winning.

The Best Casino Bonuses

Playing at online casinos that offer casino games from software providers like Micrgoaming or Netent guarantees reliable and smooth gameplay. They treat their customers like royalty and their fair gaming practices have earned them a stellar reputation in the online casino industry globally. In order to get the best welcome bonus, have a look at our top casinos. We have made the decision on which online casino bonus to choose, easy for our readers, providing all the relevant information regarding terms and conditions along with how to extract the most value from a particular welcome bonus. Get the most out of your deposit by taking advantage of the best Canadian bonuses from these prestigious online casinos.

Single Deposit Welcome Bonuses

Single Deposit welcome bonuses were common place back in the early 2000s but are now the exception and not the rule. Single deposit match welcome bonuses have the obvious detraction that only your first deposit at the casino is guaranteed to receive a big deposit match bonus. This does disincentive subsequent deposits at the casino as you will often want to test a casino with a smaller first deposit before pushing on with your purchasing. The advantage of single deposit match welcome bonuses is that they are often offer players a higher coupon (maximum deposit match amount) or a higher deposit match percentage (as shown with Lucky Nugget) which means that is you trust the casino and know that you are going to be able to withdraw your winnings, you can get much higher deposit to bonus value from the casino in question.

Multi-Deposit Welcome Offers

Multi-deposit match welcome bonuses have the advantage that you are able to get deposit match bonus across your first 3 or 4 initial deposits at the online casino. This allows Canadians to make a smaller initially deposit to see if they enjoy the online casino and still receive a bonus on their subsequent deposits. The disadvantage is that the 2nd and third deposit match percentages as often of at a lower deposit match percentage than the initial deposit. There are also lower limits as to how large a deposit will be matched with these multi-deposit match welcome offers.

Wagering requirements on welcome bonuses?

You may be wondering how is it that the casino gives you free money and expects nothing in return. Well, there is a bit of a “catch” referred to as wagering requirements. Most online casinos will have wagering requirements on any of their offered bonuses. The moment you receive your $5 free no deposit bonus, 50 free spins or your 100% bonus, you’re unable to withdraw those funds until you’ve played through your bonus money a few times first. Wagering or play-through requirements will vary between the different casinos but in general, you may have wagering requirements of 20x to 50x and it may even go higher than that.

Any casinos without wagering requirements?

However rare it may be, there are certain casinos that will have no wagering requirements in place. It is advised though that you read the full terms and conditions around the bonus and if you are allowed to withdraw any bonus money.

Withdrawing your Welcome Bonus

You are more than welcome to withdraw a welcome bonus once it has been given to you. After the bonus has been released into your account, you can withdraw the welcome bonus. However, to release your welcome bonus, you have to wager through the bonus amount a few times first. The number of times you’re required to play-through the bonus depends on the casino’s terms. If you are in search of the best welcome bonuses then we suggest you have a look at our top Canadian online casinos.