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History of Canada Casino Industry

From Europe to local, to the cloud. How The CA casino industry has developed.

1497 was a pivotal time in Canadian gambling history, as it was the year that John Cabot landed somewhere on Canada’s East Coast. With his ships filled with merchandise and with an ordinary pack of cards, the rudimentary start of gambling on Canadian soil began when John Cabot and his crew would battle it out with card games. After they landed on “terra firma”, John Cabot began to explore his surroundings and found several Native populations playing different games of chance for spiritual, emotional and physical reasons rather than simply for pure enjoyment. However, thousands of years before Cabot’s arrival, Canada’s Indigenous peoples would play “Slahal” to best one another, a gambling game that used sticks and bones.

Gambling has been legal in Canada for a long time and in fact, the first official legal gambling event was held in Quebec City some 250 years ago when a horse racing competition attracted the crowds. At first, horse racing events bought fanfare and some chances to cash out wins, but soon, gambling activities exploded in popularity and have resulted in a $4.5 billion income to the Canadian economy.

Some games like raffles and bingo have been legal to play since the early 1900s, but back then, the federal government was in control of all gambling. In 1925, legal gambling was approved in Canada, players could enjoy some gambling at local fairs and town exhibitions and by 1959 the Lottery was approved. By 1970 the Canadian Government began issuing the first gambling licenses and by 1989, the first commercial land-based casino opened in Winnipeg, Canada.

Online Casinos Canada

Nowadays, there are land-based casinos in almost every Canadian province and online gambling for Canadian players is freely available. There is a multitude of top quality online casinos available and as they are constantly being updated with the most modern technology and new payment options, this trend isn’t going to end anytime soon. Recently Jackpot City $1 deposit deal has been dealing up a storm of excitement amongst online canadian casinos.

What to Expect from Canadian Online Casinos in 2021

We can all agree that 2020 was probably one of the worst years for many people across the globe. The corona-virus pandemic caused an unprecedented lockdown and for millions of people across the world, life has had to change. While many industries have suffered hugely, online gambling has been left intact and in fact, has grown in many sectors. We have entered a new year and soon, the pandemic will become a thing of the past. Vaccines are being distributed among the nations and online casinos continue to thrive. But what new trends can we look forward to for the year 2021?

Canadian Mobile Casinos

More and more online gamers are turning to on the go gaming and mobile phones now rule the online casino industry. Millennials are using their portable devices to gamble while the older generation is perfectly content to enter online casinos through their desktops. With the new generation preferring to gamble with apps and mobile phones, many operators are focusing on reaching mobile users almost exclusively. Entire online casino platforms are intricately designed to work with mobile devices and push notifications are replacing emails. Most online casinos use mobile technologies such as HTML5 and developers like Microgaming, NetEnt and Yggdrasil are heavily focused on creating more casino games that run on all types of mobile devices.

Most gaming platforms have a Mobile Casino, but of course, there are still casinos that rely heavily on the usage of downloadable apps. The best Canadian Casinos have developed their website with the latest HTML5 technology, which means very easy access to slots and table games and optimized mobile gameplay.

Instant Registrations

This year we will see more players registering at online casinos that have taken away the tedious and lengthy registration process. Players can log into a casino, register a new player account, deposit via a large variety of banking providers, collect bonuses and promotions and contact customer services via the live chat box 24/7. Instant Registrations or Pay’nPlay casinos were started a few years ago. Here you can use your bank account to instantly connect with an online casino, confirm your identity via Trustly and play instantly without having to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.

Gamification Casinos

An exciting way to enjoy online casinos, gamification is a trend that has been around for a few years now. A growing number of operators are realizing that gamification elements create more engaging and entertaining online gambling. Gamification includes levelling up and receiving bonuses and perks when certain achievements are reached. Players can reach goals while playing slots or casino games and take part in fun-filled incentives to accumulate more bonuses, free spins and other rewarding prizes. In 2021, gamification will be more present than ever before, and we can only stand by and watch what amazing features top Canadian Casinos will be introducing.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for some time now but presently, it’s only in the developmental stages. There are some VR slots available at online casinos, but for the most part, online casinos haven’t yet adopted this technology, mostly because so few players have access to VR devices. However, in 2021 and the coming years, we will more changes towards Virtual Reality. As games developers need to produce more VR games to make VR online gaming a reasonable option, it will take some time for AR and VR to fully take off.


While Canadian players already have at their disposal many top quality casinos, this coming year will continue to offer growth and new opportunities. The pandemic continues and is not yet over, but to ease our way to better days, online casino gambling will remain a force for 2021 and beyond. On our pages you will find several top quality online casinos where making your deposit doesn’t have to break the bank. Find a new Minimum Deposit Casino to play at today and to get more info on our casinos, feel free to read our detailed and informative casino reviews. Our reviews offer all the important information you will need to register, deposit and collect a lucrative Welcome Bonus and even a Free Spins Bonus.