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We have some exciting news… Canadian Casino Expert is now available on Twitter and Facebook! “Why is this a big deal?” you may be wondering. We live in a world that’s glutted with information. Not all of this information is relevant to you and, in the clutter, sometimes it is easy to miss something. Look at the casino industry. One of the advantages of the rapid expansion of the online casino industry is that this expansion gives casino players so many more choices. Every year, top gaming providers create hundreds of new casino games, with better features, quirky themes, and improved mobile casino functionality. Likewise, new casinos launch into the casino sphere each year, and each of them has amazing bonuses or promotions to attract your attention. Many of these new casinos offer innovative new platforms, better payment methods and faster payment processes than older casinos. So, how do you stay in touch, so you do not miss the latest bonuses or the launch of a casino that is something out of the ordinary? While we do our best to give you the latest casino reviews, find the latest bonuses and follow the hottest casino trends, simply updating our website is not enough. The information might be ready for you, but without some form of notification, how would you know what fabulous offers we have discovered for you? This is why we are thrilled to announce that we are on Twitter and Facebook, so we can let you know every time we find you something new!

What to expect from our social media pages

“Great, more clutter. Why should I follow you?” you may be wondering. The aim of our social media pages is not to become little extensions of our website. Rather, we see them as information filters, where we can share and highlight the most important news, hottest mobile casino launches and exciting promotions with you. Instead of combing our site for the most updated information, we can deliver the best parts directly to your news feed. Basically, our social pages allow us to distil the clutter and send you only the most important, exciting or lucrative info. It is not all about information though. Joining our social media pages means that you become a part of a community of people who love casino games and the thrill of a big win just as much as you do. You can voice your opinion, get tips and tricks from others in our community and interact with us in a way that has not been possible before. Our social media experts aim to create a fun, inviting platform for you where you can share your thoughts on trends in the casino industry, get the latest news on bonuses and promotions, and find those casino tips and nuggets of insight that can only come from conversations with experts.

Look forward to being informed on new casino brands and offers

“What’s in it for me?” The best part about the casino industry from a player’s perspective is the competition between brands. This means that new brands will often come up with the most incredible bonus offers to attract players like you. You can get anything from free spins with no deposit simply for registering an account, to bonuses that offer you thousands of extra dollars. Some casinos offer deals that may not look massive but closer inspection shows that the deposit match percentage or low wagering requirements make them much sweeter deals than you would have thought. Our job at Canadian Casino Expert is to find these deals for you, to make sure the casinos are properly licenced and owned by reputable companies, and that they partner with proper gaming providers and banking operators. Once we have done all of this, we offer the best of the brands up for your consideration. But even though our website is full of useful information on the latest brands and offers, you may not have time to browse through the site to look for it. Our social media pages will highlight the latest info for you and deliver it to your Facebook or Twitter news feed. You can simply browse as you usually do and decide which of the latest offers appeal to you.

Interact with us! Follow us and we will follow back

Our social media pages are all about interaction. We want to hear your opinions and we encourage conversation. And, like any good conversation, social media interaction is a two-way deal. If you follow us, we will follow you – it is as fair like that! All you need to do to join us on our quest to find the best deals and bonuses and to join our community of casino experts is to click on the Facebook and Twitter links on this page. Like and follow our social media pages, and you could find some exclusive bonuses popping up in your news feed in the near future! Make the information age work better for you and get only the best new welcome bonuses, latest information, and most exciting exclusive deals. Distil your news through Facebook or Twitter and join the conversation whenever you like!