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EcoPayz is known in the online casino industry as one of the reliable, safe alternatives to credit or debit cards. With EcoPayz, you can send money instantly, and in multiple currencies. ecoPayz uses advanced fraud detection and digital encryption technology and does not share your information with third parties, so your transactions and privacy are completely protected.

EcoPayz has seen enormous growth in popularity among casino players in recent years, partly due to the safety factor, but the main consideration is the convenience of being able to send and receive funds quickly. When comparing casino withdrawal methods, this is one of the quickest. We take a closer look at the EcoPayz payment method to see why it is a faster, more convenient, and more versatile deposit and withdrawal option than the traditional online casino payment methods.

Benefits of using EcoPayz

There are several benefits to using the EcoPayz pre-paid card or virtual card as your casino payment option. Safety online is the most important consideration, and it is vital that a payment method you use online protects your personal data as well as your funds. EcoPayz uses SSL digital encryption to protect your details and transactions. By using this payment option, you can deposit and withdraw money from your casino account without compromising your privacy or security.

Another benefit of the EcoPayz suite is the simplicity of use and the range of options. Creating an account is free and the process is straightforward and easy. Once you have created your EcoAccount, you can start using it immediately. The actual cards can take up to 21 days to reach you, but there are also virtual card options if you do not want to wait. You can apply for up to three EcoCards in different currencies, to make worldwide payments easier.

EcoPayz offers you several different methods of funding your account. It does not compromise your privacy or create unnecessary admin for you by checking your bank account or running credit checks, but you may need to verify your credit or debit card if you use it to make a deposit into your account.

The biggest benefit to using EcoPayz is that it allows you to send money instantly. Once you have funds in your EcoPayz account, you can use it to make a deposit at your online casino and perform a range of other secure transactions worldwide.

Using EcoPayz as your preferred casino payment method allows you to have more control over your spend. If you pre-fund your account with the budget you have allocated for a play session, you cannot overspend without making an additional transfer to both EcoPayz and your casino account.

Time Frame and Fees

EcoPayz has five different service levels, starting at the basic Classic level. From there, you have Silver, Gold, Platinum and, finally, Blue VIP as the highest tier. To upgrade from Classic and Silver, you will need to verify your identity.

As you climb the tiers you get access to higher funding limits. The fees associated with funding your account, exchanging currency and sending money vary according to the tier as well as the payment method you use to make a deposit. Registration for all account types is free.

The fees to fund your EcoPayz account using bank wire transfers range from 0% to 10%, depending on your individual bank fees. Credit card deposits will cost you anything from 1.69-6% plus CA$0.39. EcoVoucher deposits across all tiers are free until 13 September 2020, after which a fee of 2.9% will apply. Alternative currency deposits, Western Union transactions and codePayz deposits are all free (at the time of writing).

The most important fee to consider after checking how much it costs to make a deposit into your ecoPayz account is how much it will cost to use your account to make a deposit into your casino. Currency conversion cassies a fee of 2.99% on the Classic and Silver tiers. Gold and Platinum tiers charge 1.49% to convert currency, and VIPs get a 1.25% rate.

If you are not converting currency to make a casino deposit, your transaction will be much cheaper. Transfers to EcoPayz merchants are free across all tiers, making this one of the most cost-effective payment methods to use to fund your casino account. Transactions are instant, so unless your chosen casino has long processing times, you will be able to send and receive funds quickly with this payment option.

EcoPayz Deposits

We have investigated how much it costs to deposit into your EcoPayz account, but how much does it cost to use this payment method to fund your casino account? There’s a short answer to that: online casinos do not usually apply any fees to EcoPayz deposits or withdrawals, but you need to factor in the EcoPayz fees previously discussed.

Making a deposit into your casino account should be a smooth and seamless experience. Most good online and mobile casinos will offer the EcoPayz option as a payment method. In general, when you are making a deposit, the casino software will show the payment options as a drop-down or list in the banking section. Simply select EcoPayz as your payment method and follow the casino prompts to complete your deposit. The funds should be transferred to your casino account instantly.

EcoPayz Withdrawals

If you are looking for payment methods that can deliver your winnings quickly, then EcoPayz is a good option to use to make withdrawals from your casino account. Some payment methods, like credit or debit cards, can take 2 to 5 days to clear your funds. With EcoPays, the transaction is instant. If you find a casino that also processes transactions quickly (ideally within 24 hours) you could have your winnings in your EcoPayz account on the same day.

To withdraw funds from your EcoPayz account, select “Withdraw Funds” when you are logged in and choose the amount you want to withdraw. EcoPayz takes 3 days to process a withdrawal, and it may take another 5 days before your money reaches your bank account. If you are planning on keeping your winnings in your EcoPayz account, then this payment method is very fast. However, if you need the money in your bank account and do not mind sharing the details with the online casino, then a more direct approach is advisable.

EcoPayz Payment Speed

When you are funding your EcoPayz account, the time it takes for the money to appear will depend on the deposit method you choose. Visa and Mastercard deposits into EcoPayz should reflect instantly, but bank transfers may take a few days to clear.

An EcoPays transfer to and from your casino will be processed instantly. The only bottleneck in the process could be the withdrawal times imposed by the casino rather than by EcoPayz.

Funding your mobile casino account is even easier if you use the EcoPayz app. Designed for use on the go, the EcoPayz app and mobile casino software will allow you to top up both your EcoPays and casino accounts quickly and safely.

📋 What are the Pros and Cons of EcoPayz?

Pros and Cons of EcoPayz


  • EcoPayz is a fast, secure and convenient way to transfer money to your casino account
  • It is free to sign up and you do not need to verify your bank account on the Classic tier
  • Multiple currencies are supported, and you can apply for up to 3 different cards in different currencies
  • You can send and receive money instantly


  • It is not always easy to calculate the fees as these vary by tier and by funding method
  • To upgrade to Silver from Classic level, you need to verify your identity
  • Bank transfers to fund your account, inter-account transfers and transfers to another EcoAccount are not available on Classic level