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Free Spin Bonuses – are they the preferred bonus

Many of the world’s leading casinos run some enticing offers for new members. Those who sign up as new casino members will normally receive an offer, something like, deposit $10 and receive $100 worth of credit when you join today. There are countless numbers of people who win every day with these added bonuses. Money from nothing. But the most popular amongst casinos these days are free spin bonuses. There is a wide variety of games and tables to play in these casinos, but it seems the most popular sort are the slots and roulette games. That being said, a lot of casinos offer free spin bonuses which have new players enticed as they have an added chance of striking lucky. The free spin bonuses are so popular as it is basically the casino offering you, the player, money for nothing. Some may argue they prefer added credit when depositing their own cash, but it seems the free spins are most popular for new members and the casinos alike.

Free Spins benefits

A free spin can literally be the difference between winning and losing on the day. It’s not uncommon you hear of casino players winning on a free spin. There are plenty of benefits to free spins. For instance, the obvious, they’re free. With no cash upfront you’re not risking anything. Free spins keep players engaged for longer, the longer they play for the more likely they are to win. Often you could find casinos adding credit to the players deposit amount, for example when a player deposits $20 the casino will add $20. It’s basically doubling your money and chances at hitting a winning streak.

No deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins sound almost too good to be true. However, you can find them at plenty of casinos, especially those running online. For those who join, it only takes a few minutes to sign up by filling out a form, including some basic contact information, email address and a few other details. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’re good to go. No deposit free spins are offered mainly to new customers and are rarely offered to existing customers unless it is a short-term special offer or the release of a new game. They are definitely worth trying, maybe even more so than free spin bonuses as the majority of the time they don’t require an initial deposit. The clue is in the title. And just like the free bonuses, you often have many lucky players winning with no deposit free spins. At the end of the day, the more winners the casino produces, the better business is for everyone, more so the players.

Welcome bonus Free Spins

Free spins are most popular for regular casino players. Especially as most players come to play slots and roulette tables. If luck is on your side, you can’t lose. Welcome bonus free spins are a common package for new players, more so at online casinos than anywhere else. The most common offer you will find from an online casino is of course a free spin, it is also the most exciting and most rewarding in a long way. It’s basically money for nothing. Some casinos may offer free spins as part of an ongoing offer! There are a variety of bonus spins you could find on offer at online casinos, as part of a promotion or those you unlock when you’re on a winning streak. Both are free chances to win without putting down your own money, the casinos way of rewarding the player, especially when they’re winning. When free spins are used, no money is taken from the players’ funds.

Slot Free Spins

It is not just the new members reaping the benefits of free spins. Often casinos may offer free spins to current members as a way of introducing them to new and exciting games they could be missing out on. For instance, if a loyal member is doing well on the roulette table, they could be missing out on success on the slot games. If the player were to attempt new games, they could be in for more success. The leading online casinos will often send out offers either on their website or via email, so it’s good advice for members to keep up with the latest offers. The top casinos make these offers to promote new games and allow their current members to experience the excitement of making extra winnings on top of the games they play regularly.

Free Spins Wagering Requirements

As with all of the leading casinos, free spins come with wagering requirements. As new members are offered free spins and other bonuses, it needs to be mentioned that the bonuses and free spins are to be played and can’t just be withdrawn once deposited. Free spins and bonuses are an intriguing method of getting new members involved, and also offers them a chance to win with little to no risk. It’s important to understand the casinos wagering requirements, and these may vary with each independent casino. It is often said the wagering requirements are in place to back the casino up. As many casino members take home some fair winnings from free spins, it results in the casino losing money. Often new members will take advantage of the free spins and win, having put no deposit down, the casino is out of pocket. If every member were to win with free spins the casino would suffer financially. The wagering requirements are in place to ensure the casinos don’t go out of business. The bottom line with most requirements is a set number of spins needed in order to withdraw any winnings. Wagering requirements might include spinning the amount you have won by 10, 20 or even 30. So if the wagering requirement is x10 and you win $10 from 10 free spins, you are unable to withdraw until you have spun through at least $100.

Free Spins Restrictions

It is definitely safe to say that free spins are the best way to introduce any player to a new game. There are no risks, as they are not having to put down their own money, and there is a high reward as they play for a chance to win money from nothing. However, all casinos must offer free spins wisely. As many members, especially new members can often strike lucky, leaving the casino short of money as the player didn’t have to put down any money in the first place. For that reason alone, restrictions have to be put in place in order to maintain a steady business for both themselves and their customers. Wagering requirements are the first step, making it only fair for both parties that the free plays should be followed by a certain number of spins before winnings can be withdrawn. The total amount of free spins offered should be limited to each player. To get started with online casinos and get your chance to win with a huge variety of games, read through our Free Spins page. It is recommended reading the best currency exchange rates depending on your location to get the best value for your money.